Why is NOGI training important?

You learn how to apply insane pressure

When you train NOGI you do not have any material to rely on when trying to control your opponent with pressure, as a result, you learn what it takes to apply the pressure correctly in order to get into an advantageous position and hold them there.  It takes a lot of isometric strength to do this and you will see huge improvements in that type of strength by training NOGI.

You’ll develop quick reflexes

NOGI is a much faster pace fight because you do not have the ability to grip your opponent’s GI for control to slow them down.  You have no choice but to act quickly and instinctively or opportunities will pass you by and your training partner will get a step ahead of you.  Movements you’ve practiced will become second nature and you’ll develop quick reflexes, which can be used well beyond the mats.

Why it is important to train both NOGI and GI

If you get into a sticky situation in the real world and you need to put your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to the test you will be fully prepared for any self-defense scenario if you have been training both GI and NOGI.  If they are wearing a jacket, you will have your GI grips to rely and you can calmly handle the situation.  When the grips aren’t there, you will still know what to do and you can easily be explosive and act on instinct thanks to your NOGI training.

What to wear to NOGI:

Compression gear and Board Shorts:


Compression shorts

Compression shirt (long-sleeved or short-sleeved)

Board Shorts

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