Why is Gi training important?

You will develop strong grips!

It is essential for any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete to have extremely strong grips and by training GI you will develop these unbreakable grips.  The constant grabbing and pulling of the GI will help your grip strength and endurance.

You will have excellent escapes

None of us want to ever get in a bad position but it does happen. When it does, you have to know how to escape.  The friction of the GI makes it much more difficult to escape a bad position which will force you to know and implement proper technique.  When you are confident with your escapes, you’ll be more willing to attack because you know how to get back into a good position.

You will have a deeper knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques

GI is much more technical than NOGI because of all the grip options and complex guards that have evolved over the years.  This, in turn, forces you to develop a more technical game so that you can stay one step ahead of your opponent.[/vc_cta]

Why it is important to train both Gi and Nogi

If you get into a sticky situation in the real world and you need to put your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to the test you will be fully prepared for any self defense scenario if you have been training both GI and NOGI.  If they are wearing a jacket, you will have your GI grips to rely and you can calmly handle the situation.  When the grips aren’t there, you will still know what to do and you can easily be explosive and act on instinct thanks to your NOGI training.

What to wear in Gi classes

A GI consists of a pair of heavy cotton drawstring pants, usually with reinforced knees, and a heavy cotton jacket with a thick collar and a hem that is notched on either side. One jacket lapel crosses over the other and the whole lot is kept closed with the famous (infamous?) belt. You can purchase a signature GI directly through our Academy.

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